We read resumes, so you don't have to!

ResumeSort™ is a product of Textnomics™ Inc, an advanced data mining, machine learning and natural language processing company which originates from NASA Ames Research Centre. Textnomics™ aims to be the #1 online site for job seekers, recruiters and employers, creating a one-stop shop to serve the careers market across the board. Driven by the belief that every individual deserves job satisfaction and every company should have access to the most qualified applicants possible, ResumeSort™ mutually benefits job seekers and employers.

Now that thousands of job seekers are applying to jobs online, the majority of employers have turned to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter through the overwhelming number of applicants to only select resumes containing essential keywords.

ResumeSort™ goes beyond a simple keyword search. It reads and ranks resumes, searching for the meaning of key phrases by handling variations in terminology and grammar. This means no qualified candidate gets screened out for not having used the exact search terms - a major problem with today's screening software.

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